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Our guests say.....

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-"..I wanted to make sure I took the time to properly thank you for the best tour ever! The superb care and attention that you provided for my mother and I was more than I had imagined possible (even for a private tour). The vistas and the photos I took were breath-taking ... and I haven't even mentioned the incredible meal we enjoyed at lunch. I have recommended you to everyone I know for future travel plans. The next time I come, I hope you will guide us on the Green Tour.."-

-Fondly, Susan King, Charleston, SC-

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-"..Here are two photos from our day in Tuscany. Since we have returned to Denver, many people have asked us what the "highlight" of our vacation was. Without hesitation, we tell them that it is the day we spent with you. We enjoyed the incrediable landscapes, your knowledge of the history, culture, art and architecture of the region, and most of all, your wonderful and friendly personality. Thank you for making our time in Tuscany so special! We hope to see you again someday.   Warm regards.."-

-Lisa and Jake-


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-"Thank you so much for the most incredible day ever!! We had the best time - didn't want the day to end. Can't wait to come back and see the rest of Tuscany!!!
Thank You again.."-

-Darcy and Bonnie-

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-"We know it's been over two months since our trip to Italy, but we wanted to express our thanks to you for a wonderful day in Tuscany. You showed us  many interesting and beautiful things that we would've never seen on our own. It was the highlight of our honeymoon.  Even though the pictures can't come close to describing how beautiful Tuscany is, we'd be glad to send some more pictures if you'd like to. We hope all is well in Italy. We've eaten the pecorino we brought back, but we've managed to hold off on the Brunello so far. We're trying to save it for a special occasion..Take care! We can't wait to come back! Sincerely.."-

-Jamie and Kim


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-"..Sorry that it took me a while, but here's that picture you took of us at the Castello. We had such a wonderful day with you and we hope your
girlfriend wasn't too mad that you got back so late! We've told all of our friends about you and look forward to our next trip to Tuscany.
Thank you again for such a wonderful tour and a true taste of the Tuscan life. All the very best.."-

   -Lisa and Robb Dunlap-


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-"Thank you for the wonderful day with we spent with you in September. The tour was awesome and truly the highlight of our vacation.."-

-Marcia B., Dianne, Hilda and Marcia F.-

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-"At long last photos! The three days we spent touring Tuscany with you gave us a unique and wonderful perspective on your beautiful hill towns and countryside -- we shall never forget you, the incredible meals in special restaurants, all the history of the area and its art which you shared. We are so glad we devoted three entire days to touring with you and thank you for the ultimate Tuscany experience! "-

-Dan and Jean Feller, Portland, Oregon-


-"We had a super time with you. One of the best part was the insights you shared with us as a local
native living in the region. I have about a million pictures...."-  

  - Linda & Blair -

Art& Barbara

"We loved our tour with you and all the beautiful sights you shared with us.  I wish the weather had not  been so hazy so that our pictures turned out better, but it was very  beautiful and we will remember it always."

- Art & Barbara -

Bobbi & Tim

"...I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for a FANTASTIC day in Tuscany!!! That was the highlight of our trip and I can still taste thatawesome lunch we had. We certainly will be back in the nearfuture and meanwhile will be recommending your tour to everyone. Thanks too for being so patient with my photography obsession. We returned with over 50rolls of exposed film in addition to digital movies and some of the best weretaken thanks to you and the TAT tour!"

  - Tim  & Bobbi -

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"Steve and I spent the entire return flight to the states planning our next trip to Italy! Just when we thougt that Italy couldn't possibly get any better we did the Red Tour!  Thank you for one best days ever...Take care ...hope to see you again SOON!"

- Maggie , Salt Lake City ,Utah -



-"Dear Gianni, I know it's been almost a month since you toured our foursome, but I did want to drop a line and thank you for the wonderful day you gave us.  I hope your trip back from La Locanda was safe.  If ever you need a recommendation to a  potential customer, do not hesitate to give my name and address. Again,  Grazie mille!!!! "-  

- Al Pearson -


-"Please know we had a wonderful day spent touring the Tuscan countryside with you as our guide. We all agreed that this was the highlight of our trip. You are a great guide. Our trip to Italy was a memory to cherish and ending with your tour around Siena was the icing on the cake!! Come to Texas and we'll return the favor!! Sincerely, The 4 Texans: "-

- Don & Jane Bean, Bob & Martha Lotspeich -


-"Thank you for the wonderful tour, you were a great guide and if I ever make it to Italy again I will take some of your other tours... It was the best part of my whole trip. I am a scenery person so i don't have any pictures of us 3 together but when Jody comes to my office this friday I will see if she has that one of the three of us together"-

- Darla, Jodie, Stefanie -

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-"Thank you for all the information and history you shared with us. We had a wonderful time on our vacation and you were the crown on top of the whole experience."-

-Sharon and friends-

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-"..I am sending you a few pictures from the day we spent on the Blue Tour with you. I think that just may be our favorite day from our 2 weeks in Italy. I hope you were able to meet Joe's parents and take them around Tuscany as well. We told them how much fun you are! We wish you the best of luck with your marriage and hope to see you the next time we are there for the Red Tour! Ciao! "-

-Beth Fucile-

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"Thank you for a wonderful tour!"

-Natalya from Chicago-


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-"A month later, I am still daydreaming about Tuscany and our special day in Chianti touring castles, wineries and an truscan tomb. It was by far the best part of our trip to Italy, all of which was wonderful. Thank you for all of the attention you showered on us, the delicious lunch, and all of the special places you showed us that no tourist would ever find. I did find a bottle of Brolio wine in Rioggiamore that I brought my husband - great! I know you are weary from reading e-mails so will close now - the photo you requested is attached below - not great, but beautiful scenery! If you should ever tour our nation's capital, please plan on a side trip to Fredericksburg - it's a short (one hour) train ride south from Washington, D.C. I would be happy to meet you at the station and give you a walking tour of our very historic town (George Washington grew up here) - free of charge :)
p.s. For your other visitors - I highly recommend side trips to Lucca and Cinque Terre - and in Florence, the view from Michelangelo Piazza at sunset is gorgeous. Thanks again for taking such good care of us"-


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-"Ciao from Los Angeles,
Urte and I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful experience in Tuscany. We have been talking about our trip to family,friends, work colleagues, and clients. It was absolutely our best holiday ever!! Sorry, we took so long to reply.  We really enjoyed all the information that you had given on the tour, without you our sightseeing would have been so dull. The lunch we had was very delicious as well. We keep talking about the Pici. After we left you, our journey's took us to Cinque Terre and then Zurich, Switzerland. We had a wonderful time. I hope that we can keep in contact and if you're ever in Los Angeles please contact us.Thanks again for your hospitality!! Regards.."-

- Yurii and Urte Land-

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-"My family and I wish to thank you so very much for showing us Tuscany through the eyes of a native, an invaluable experience that we would have never been able to capture on our own. Your knowledge not only of Italian history, but of agriculture and art, truly left us speechless as you shared with us facts of Italy's past as well as relating these facts to Italy's future. So seldom have I found a tour guide with such a sweep of interesting facts, while still maintaining a sense of history and humor, which is always a plus in my estimation.Your willingness to stop along the way for those "priceless photos" was always greeted with a sense of joyful spontaneity and we greatly appreciated your readiness to locate for us those landmarks that we were unable to find on previous trips. We are forever grateful for the unexpected pleasure we shared with you at La Porta ristorante: memorable food with a 4-star view of the Orcia valley. But the most indelible aspect of this tour will be your friendliness and willingness to share with us your love of your country.You can be certain that when we next visit Italy, we shall book the other tours around Tuscany. Yours sincerely.."-

-Kenneth May, New York City-


-"Hi guys! Things are going well here. We finally got some snow last week. Kim and I finished off the pecorino we bought in Pienza (I think). It was very good. I know we'll be visiting Tuscany again as soon as we can. It is a beautiful place.
Anyways, I hope all is well with you. Take care."-


-"We are all back in the US, we want to thank you for a fun and interesting time during our Red Itinerary tour on the 27th. We all enjoyed it very much.   Hope you didn't get into too much trouble with your girlfriend when you got home so late that night. Thank you! "-

-Anne, Phyllis, Linda and Bob-


-"I want to personally thank you for the personal care that went into my tour of Tuscany.  Yours is the type of tour I wish everyone had the opportunityto take as your love and appreciation of the land is first hand rather thanby the book. The wealth and detail of  information you shared with us couldonly come from a native Tuscan, someone who truly loves and recognizes theworth of Tuscany and its surroundings. Thanks again and for sure: we'll be back!"-

- Karen  -

-"Thanks again for the wonderful tour!  It was one ofthe highlights of our trip to Italy and we will definitely recommend it to others."-

- Julie Monahan-

-"We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time in Italy.   Your expertise, your interesting stories, and your drive through Tuscany, truly made our holiday in Italy an unforgettable experience.  We loved our vacation, but the day we spent with you driving through Montalcino, Pienza, and Montechello will always be a very special memory.  Our fabulous lunch, our meeting with "the poet", and the abbey visit were just part of the standouts from that
day.  We hope to keep in touch and will definitely call upon you again if we ever return to Italy, and please know that if you are ever thinking of coming to NYC, you will always be welcome to stay here."-

-Toni and Joaquin-


-"We had lovely day with you in the countryside and much appreciate it and getting to know you.  We will keep in touch.  You are a good lad, Gianni.  Let me know if ever I can be of help to you.  I reckon, as we say in Texas, we will see each other again, there or here. All best, from your   friend."-

- Marsh -